Not all social media networking sites are created equal. Some appeal more to women or teenagers while other social media sites are popular among business professionals, creative people, and everyone in between. Considering their unstable nature, it’s virtually impossible to establish a meaningful presence on all of them. Instead, a careful consideration is necessary to determine which social media networking sites are best suited for your business and which should be avoided.

Rule #1 – Think like your customers

Your customers and their preferences are the main things that will dictate your choice of social media networking sites. There are two ways to think about this. The first is to categorize you customers according to their demographic characteristics.

  • Are they predominantly male or female?
  • What is an average age of your customer?
  • How much does your average customer earn each year?
  • How educated are they?

These questions will help you create a mental representation of your customer in your mind and tweak your social media strategy according to this image.

Sites like Pinterest are preferred by women of all ages while Facebook has been losing teenagers for quite some time. You will probably have a big problem finding unskilled workers on Linkedin and there are definitely better places to share fact and data driven content than on Instagram.

Rule #2 – Less is more

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to limit your social media engagement to just 2 or 3 sites. Why? Because unless your company is entirely based on social media engagement, the return on investment is simply not there. Publishing a good content takes time and effort and in the endless sea of social media networks, only the very best content gets shared a lot.

Rule #3 – Always plan ahead

Social media sites should not be a place where you randomly post a few things each day. Instead, you should have a good plan that is aligned with your overall business strategy planning.

Use social media to find out what your customers care about then create promotions and let your audience spread the word for you while you work hard to generate as much buzz before the launch as possible.