Note-taking on your iPad doesn’t have to be cumbersome. By investing some money into a high-quality stylus, you can gain the ability to quickly jot down all your ideas, complex mathematical formulas, and even use one of many available painting applications to fully express your creativity. We have selected five most popular styluses that are currently available on the market.

Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus


Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus combines their innovative capacitive brush technology with a more traditional rubber stylus for maximum flexibility and creative freedom. You can draw mathematical formulas and equations one minutes and paint the next modern masterpiece just by removing the cap from the other side.

The black comfort grip portion provides sufficiently comfortable grip even for a longer use without any break. This stylus has our full recommendation thanks to its innovative design and 90-day guarantee.

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Cosmonaut – Wide-Grip Stylus


Cosmonaut is a very minimalistic-looking stylus that is designed after dry erase marker, which means that it will feel instantly familiar to those who have ever written on a traditional whiteboard.

Its fat shape helps with ergonomics and comfort while also being very accessible for children. The simple design ensures that it will last a very long time. The only negative that we could find is its lack of precision. You can still write just like you would with a pen, but very fine lines are somewhat troublesome.

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Adonit Jot Pro


Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Precision Stylus is designed to provide its users with the maximum precision and control. It emulates the ballpoint pen writing experience and is compatible with all modern touchscreens.

The cushion tip dampens screen contact, which results in a fluid and quiet writing. The body is made out of aluminum and steel for very high durability. Adonit Jot Pro’s slim profile makes it easy to carry in a pocket and thus always be prepared in case you need to write or draw something.

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elago Stylus Grip



elago is a solid alternative to Cosmonaut stylus. It features a replaceable tip that extends the life of this stylus virtually indefinitely. Buyers can choose from six different colors to nicely fit with their personal style.

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Pencil by FiftyThree


The last stylus on our list cleverly incorporates eraser into its design. Pencil by FiftyThree has a triangular shape and nicely fits into hands of all sizes.

It is made to work in tandem with the Paper by FiftyThree app (available for free in the Apple App Store).  This app instantly takes advantage of everything this handy stylus has to offer without any further setup and configuration. Of course, many other applications such as Procreate, Noteshelf, Sketchbook Mobile,  and others, also work without any problems.

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