Muse is advertised as a “personal meditation assistant”, and claims it can teach you how to control your level of “calmness”.  After putting on the Muse headband, which is wireless and connects via Bluetooth, and starting the app (compatible with iOS and Android, smartphone or tablet), you’ll begin with breathing exercises while listening to various weather/nature sounds. Each sound is reflective of your state of mind, I.e., the sound of waves (neutral), storms (bad) and tweeting birds (good). If you’re in a really quiet space your device’s speaker is adequate, but headphones or earbuds are recommended.

After each session using the Muse you’ll receive feedback to review and use to set personal goalsThe feedback data includes a variety of information associated with each session, for example you can see the percentage of time spent calm per session and the total number of birds you heard.

muse worn muse side

How does it work? Very simply put, Muse uses seven electroencephalography (EEG) sensors along your scalp – three along the front of your forehead and one behind each ear. EEG is a method of detecting electrical activity (brainwaves) in the brain. Muse translates these brainwaves into a “computer” language which it relates to you as feedback.

muse app

Muse charges via Micro USB, and typically requires charging every five or six (seven minute) session. The Muse also has settings to adjust the level of difficulty, session time, gender of app voice and more.

Amazon price: $299.00