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GoPro is the undeniable the king of action cameras, evidenced by the way other companies are all mimicking the tiny cameras and the Hero4 Silver continues the tradition. Like its predecessors the Hero4 Silver action camera can be mounted practically anywhere, although it’s a bit heavier at 2.9 ounces (5.2 ounces in the waterproof housing which is included in the purchase price) but is still compatible with the older accessories except for the battery. Although the Silver may look like it’s older brothers there have been some subtle design changes. The locations of some of the buttons have been changed

gopro doubleExclusive to the Silver and a rather big change is the top-notch touchscreen display, with vivid color its extremely responsive and the touch capability makes it a breeze to change settings. The 1080/60p and 720/120p remain the same the addition of a new sensor. You can change between narrow, medium and ultra wide field of view and you can also shoot at 4K, 2.7K or 1440p but the video quality suffers on playback with the 4K. The 1080 option offers a feature called SuperView with allows you to capture more ground and sky taking a 4:3 aspe
ct ratio, and then “dynamically stretching” it to16:9. The Hero4 Silver also allows you to shoot time-lapse photos and video simultaneously.

The new Silver performs better in low-light with two new modes (Night Lapse and Night Photo) and it
can also be set to automatically adjust for the lighting conditions using the Auto Low-Light mode. The camera takes 12-megapixel pictures with a burst speed of 30 frames/second.gopro mounted
With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity you can connect the Hero4 to the GoPro Smart Remote (optional) or any android or iOS smart device via the GoPro app. The Silvers battery life will depend, of course, on how you use it. The Silver has been called “power hungry” on several tech. sites.

Included with the Hero4 Silver is the standard housing, with two additional backdoors (to access ports or the touchscreen) mounting accessories, rechargeable battery and a mini USB cable. GoPro offers a one-year warranty on repair or replace and a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy